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We believe that breakthrough scientific research drives the most transformative HealthTech innovations. We see our role as co-explorers, inspired by revolutionary ideas, partnering with outstanding scientists to redefine the way diseases are studies, diagnosed and treated.

Interest Areas

Digital therapeutics

The arsenal of pharmacological treatments and medical devices was recently extended with the new paradigm of FDA-regulated digital agents. Software-based therapeutics rely on a combination of inputs, AI, and machine learning to generate effective outputs providing contact-less intervention against multiple diseases.

Diseases detection & treatment via synthetic biology

Technological advances in fields such as DNA sequencing and multi-omics, together with dramatic reductions in the price of biological building blocks are ushering in an era of exciting discoveries in Synthetic Biology.

Novel therapeutic approaches in fibrotic diseases

Human fibrotic diseases constitute a major health problem worldwide. The knowledge of the fibrotic process pathogenesis and etiology is still incomplete. The absence of appropriate and fully validated biomarkers prevents timely diagnoses and there are no effective disease-modifying therapeutic agents approved.

About velocity


aMoon Velocity is aMoon’s early-stage investment fund. Our investments target disruptive, cutting-edge technologies and range from sponsored research at top academic and clinical institutions, to venture formation through seed investments.

We don’t define ourselves by vertical, need, or even geographical boundaries but searching for transformational solutions to healthier lives and accelerated paths for value creation and building world-leading companies.

aMoon Velocity can take an idea from inception through commercialization; we strive to help entrepreneurs see the whole road ahead and ensure we plan from the start for each company’s success.